Queer Ultramodern Companion

Oh hello darling,

Yes, there's a familiarity about me, something that refers back to Hellenistic times. But yet, my Gustav Klimt eyes give away a knowing look with a glimmer of a smile. I live life with a creative flair. 

My companionship encompasses charming conversation, and flirty body language. Navigating all adventures with ease. That capacity is where I've been able to curate thirty person art shows from nothing, or walk someone through a technological conundrum. I keep up on trends, politics, and memetics, and am able to gracefully converse about a variety of topics within social or intimate spaces.

What sort of mischief do you want to get up to? I'm an avid connoisseur of life. Are you looking to relax in an intimate environment, or do you want a playmate who can fish, hike, snowboard, or something a little bit more intellectual such as a gallery opening? Let's pursue that hedonistic life and take in all the beautiful memories with our time together. 

About You





What drives you? I want to know your passions and dreams. How did you get where you are today? What are your favourite things to do and experience? Share a little bit about yourself so we can become much more intimate.



I was the first in my family to finish high school, let alone university. My tenacity and drive is what has garnered me work in the tech and art industry. As I showcase my own work and curate others, I love to be inspired.  You could call travelling my muse. I am able to be completely free and solely myself as I join you in adventures. Enthusiastic for all types, fishing, climbing, dancing, tasting. You and I.

So tell me what's your dream trip? Let's explore different parts of this beautiful world, and...explore each other.



300 CAD


1200 CAD


2000 CAD


Special Friends

I have beautiful friends in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Miami, and Chicago. If you are looking for enriching once in a lifetime experiences, look no further. I choose my special friends for their intrigue and interest in a variety of subjects and play. Plan your next adventure with my friends and I, as we show you sights untold.


"...she is a real sweetie." -PERB
"...the best time I have had in years." - A
"her face alone is worth 1 million" -H

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